[Episode 3] Redefining Dining at 10,000ft


Episode 3 - Redefining Dining at 10,000ft


The restaurant business can be challenging on any given day, but it becomes far more complex when that business is located in remote locations at 10,000ft.

Join Rob Katz and some of our Executive Chefs and F&B leaders, as we explore just what goes into creating the mountain dining experience. How do we transport food to remote locations and then up the mountain each day? What adjustments do we have to make for cooking at altitude? What goes into the decision to build a new restaurant? How do we re-imagine the dining experience when the guests’ demands are evolving and how will things change as we look to the future?

Top row pictures: Doug Wooldridge in Two Elk, Nina Hinnendael in the Cookie Cabin, Alex Malmborg interviewing.

Second row pictures: Alex Malmborg showing off Mid-Mountain Lodge's Bar, Nina Hinnendael interviewing.

Third row pictures: Welcome to Two Elk, Guest in The Candy Cabin, taffy in a barrel at The Candy Cabin, Deirdra Walsh working in her office, Buddha Bowls being made at Mid-Mountain Lodge.

Fourth row pictures: Wolfgang Sterr touring around Roundhouse Lodge, Deirdra interviewing, Mid-Mountain Lodge's rotisserie oven, Doug interviewing.