[Episode 5] Legends of Patrol


Episode 5 - Legends of Patrol 

Probably one of the most requested topics we have been asked to cover since we started our podcast series has been that of ski patrol. Both our guests and employees are curious about the men and women that work to keep us all safe across our mountains – they are equally revered and respected by all. 

In this episode we are exploring what it takes to join patrol, to learn the skills and to come back season after season in sometimes arduous weather conditions. We are also exploring how patrol has evolved over the years, the pioneering history, the technical advancements and the stories of the people who have led the way. 


Top Row: Ricky Newberry, Karen Wagner, Court Wing with a current quick splint in the Stevens Pass first aid room, Bob Nothnagel, and Kori Landauer & Cowgirl.


Middle Row: Brice May, Ricky Newberry and "the weapon," Ben Kwiatkowski, and Ricky Newberry demonstrating where the Howitzer targets the Kirkwood ridge line.


Bottom Row: Cowgirl waking up from a nap, Court Wing, Bob Nothnagel and his dog/current Breckenridge Avi-dog Loki, and Cowgirl chasing a toy.