[Episode 6] Integrating a Winning Team

Episode 6 - Integrating a Winning Team

One of our four strategic pillars of our Company is Acquisitions & Integrations. Acquisitions build our geographic diversity to protect us from weather variability; increases the diversity of our guest experience adding value to our guests from our season pass programs; and broaden the breadth and diversity of our talent, allowing us to solve industry problems at scale that none of us could do alone.  Acquisitions also grow our business and allow us to scale, create investment efficiencies and truly leverage data. But, to make all this possible, we must be more than just a collection of nice things, we need to come together as a true team - and that takes integrations - the process of unifying and aligning our resorts around a common purpose. In this episode of Epic By Nature, we are exploring integrations from every angle; how it feels to be an employee at an acquired resort, how it feels to be COO of a resort leading through the transition and how corporate gets it done.



Left Column: Kieran Cain

Second Column: David Ganick, Angela Korch

Third Column: Matt Davies, Doug Pierini

Right Column: Ann Minahan, Tim April