[Episode 8] The Magic of Snowmaking


Episode 8 - The Magic of Snowmaking

Right now across our Company we are preparing for the North American winter season. Keystone has already opened, in Colorado we had record snow fall in October, we are welcoming our seasonal employees, anticipation is building, and our snow guns are fired up.

So it is only appropriate that in this episode of Epic By Nature, we explore the story of our snowmakers and snowmaking. After all, snow is why we come to work every day. Where does the passion for snowmaking come from? How did it come to be? How does snowmaking differ across our resorts? What is the science and technology behind it? And what is the impact to our environment?


Left Column: Devin Edwards, Ray Kennedy in the Black River Pump Station, Brendan Ryan, Ellen Galbraith driving to check on snowmaking progress

Right Column: Ellen Galbraith, Ray Kennedy, Ellen Galbraith showing off Beaver Creek snowmaking on Latigo Flats, Greg Johnson