Let’s get to know Aurora Mullins, one of our 2018 EpicService winners.

Name: Aurora Mullins

Job Title: Store Manager

Location: Breck Sports Peak 7

How Long Have You Been With Vail Resorts? Six years

Lightning Round

Hometown: Denver, CO

Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in

Childhood Aspiration: Explorer

We’d never find you without your…Yeti water bottle, chalk bag and climbing shoes

Last photo you took on your phone: my husband on a hike

The Essentials

What on-mountain activity do you enjoy most? Snowboarding in the winter and dirt biking and rock climbing in the summer.

What’s your personal motto? At the very least, try. Live fully, love deeply and be ready for the next big adventure.

If you were to host a dinner party and could invite four people, living or in history, who would make the guest list and why? Alex Honnald because he is one of the most incredible rock climbers; Jeremy Jones because his big mountain snowboarding is mind blowing and his environmental efforts are commendable; Lynn Hill becuse when only men were conquering walls in Yosemite in the 1970s she showed up and blew records and climbs out of the water, opening the doors for women climbers; and my dad because I miss hanging out with him and going on crazy adventures.

Surprise us: what’s one epic thing that most people don’t know about you? I trail ride dirt bikes.

What is your Experience of a Lifetime? So many to list, but beyond adventure and amazing experiences I’d have to say falling in love and marrying my best friend and adventure partner.

Our Values

Serve Others | Tell us about an amazing customer service experience you’ve had in your life. I will never forget the sweet gentleman and his lovely wife who came into my store defeated and left ecstatic. He was a double amputee and was turned away from other rental shops. The fact that I was willing to try and he was willing to help me understand something I have never dealt with before was the first step. We did it! We got him on skis and on the mountain for the first time since his accident.

Do Good | Describe a meaningful volunteer experience you’ve had in your life. I volunteered at an orphanage in Jarez, Mexico for two weeks. Perspective is everything. They taught me material things had zero value in comparison to joy and love. They played with rocks and sticks and flat soccer balls and were content. I am positive they taught me more than I taught them and I will carry their sweet smiles with me forever.

Have Fun | Tell us about the most fun you’ve had in the past year. Traveling to New Zealand with my husband to discover where I was from. It was truly an Experience of a Lifetime!

Get Inspired By Her EpicService Story Here:

This season we had a guest who was a double leg amputee. The guest's wife spent hours looking up equipment rental shops in Breck who would accommodate a double amputee's equipment rental needs but every shop she called was unable to help. After exhausting all options, the family's last effort was to just show up at a shop to see what would happen. After the family explained the situation to Aurora, she immediately called Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) to see what they could do on the spot. BOEC was done for the day but an associate was happy to explain the best plan to get the amputee guest on the hill and Aurora was able to fit ski boots for the guest. Once booted up, Aurora had the guest place both of his hands on her shoulders so he could practice walking in the rental ski boots. Aurora led him around the store for a while until the guest was comfortable enough walking around in the boots to try his luck skiing. He said he spent a lot of time falling and on the ground but just being out on the hill was a mission accomplished! The family was full of gratitude because Aurora didn't ask how or why but made it happen when everyone else said it wouldn't.