Let’s get to know Heather, one of our 2017 EpicService Award winners. Get inspired by her story here.

Name: Heather Krauss

Job Title: Ski Instructor

Location: Beaver Creek

How Long Have You Been With Vail Resorts? Season 2016-2017

Lightning Round

Hometown: all over Southern California

Guilty Pleasure: 90 percent dark chocolate

Childhood Aspiration: climb the Matterhorn

We’d never find you without your…altimeter

Last photo you took on your phone: Mikaela Shiffrin

The Essentials

What on-mountain activity do you enjoy most? That’s easy – skiing, but I love hiking and mountain biking too and love experiencing the outdoors with others.

What’s your personal motto or verse? Not for quitting.

If you were to host a dinner party and could invite four people, living or in history, who would make the guest list and why? Mozart because I love his music. Leonardo Da Vinci because he was so creative and brilliant. Ingemar Stenmark because he is still the greatest slalom and giant slalom specialist of all time. Mark Twain because I love his wit and humor.

Surprise us: what’s one epic thing that most people don’t know about you? I speak four languages and my son thinks that’s pretty epic.

What is your Experience of a Lifetime? One of the greatest experiences was taking my son to the top of Mount Whitney in the Sierra Nevada, in the snow.

Our Values

Drive Value | How do you push yourself to stay on top of your game? Throughout the winter I try to eat healthy and get enough rest so that when I’m doing my job I’m all in, 100 percent. As much as a guest wants a good experience, I want to be in my best shape, physically, emotionally and mentally to make sure they get that great experience when at Beaver Creek.

Do Good | Describe a meaningful volunteer experience you’ve had in your life. A few times I’ve instructed at women’s mountain biking events. Often the women at these events are fairly new to mountain biking and intimidated. It is an awesome feeling to see them achieve their goal of becoming better mountain bikers and more courageous in all that they do.