Let’s get to know Stephen, one of our 2017 EpicService Award winners. Get inspired by his story here.

Name: Stephen Costas

Job Title: Resort Recruiter, Breckenridge (now, the Hospitality Recruiter, Eagle County)

Location: Breckenridge

How Long Have You Been With Vail Resorts? Nine years

Lightning Round

Hometown: Hesperia, CA

Guilty Pleasure: reality TV shows

Childhood Aspiration: ski resort COO

We’d never find you without your…hunger for new experiences

Last photo you took on your phone: sunset at Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Essentials

What on-mountain activity do you enjoy most? Powder days with friends and exploring the trees.

What’s your personal motto or verse? Enjoy the journey and push myself to experience new things every day.

If you were to host a dinner party and could invite four people, living or in history, who would make the guest list and why? George Washington, Nelson Mandela, J.K. Rowling and Steve Jobs. I would love to get everyone’s perspective on the present state of the world and how we can influence positive change.

Surprise us: what’s one epic thing that most people don’t know about you? I was in band and drum line throughout school and played the alto saxophone and pit percussion.

What is your Experience of a Lifetime? Traveling all over Europe and living in Australia and meeting great friends from all over the world.

Our Values

Do Good | Describe a meaningful volunteer experience you’ve had in your life. Volunteering at a township school on a college service learning trip outside of Cape Town, South Africa. We brought school supplies and helped build the young kids a safe classroom to learn and grow in.

Have Fun | Tell us about the most fun you’ve had in the past year. Traveling throughout Central and Eastern Europe this spring exploring new places and meeting new friends.