Let’s get to know Trevor, one of our 2017 EpicService Award winners. Get inspired by his story here.

Name: Trevor Smith

Job Title: Front Desk Assistant

Location: Kirkwood

Lightning Round

Hometown: Placerville, Calif.

Guilty Pleasure: cheese 

Childhood Aspiration: to be a Rock N Roll God

We'd never find you without your...hat and sunglasses.

Last photo you took on your phone: cardboard snowcat derby race

The Essentials

What on-mountain activity do you enjoy most? Skiing

What's your personal motto or verse: "Because it's there." – George Mallory, 1924 

If you were to host a dinner party and could invite four people, living or in history, who would make the guest list and why? Chris Farley (Why not? Comic relief); John Muir: activist and explorer with vast knowledge of the natural world and many stories to tell; Jimi Hendrix: free spirit with distinguishable originality and open mindedness, and would probably get along with John Muir to a certain extent; Bob Ross: to paint pictures and share stories about his pet squirrels. 

What's one epic thing that most people don't know about you? I like to get away from society and enjoy the grit of nature by myself to test my mental strength and physical ability.

What is your Experience of a Lifetime? Thirty-day solo road trip to Alaska. Three months of working and adventuring through Denali, including multiday solo packrafting missions and adventures through the untouched wilderness, without any sign of civilization for 30 miles in every direction. 

Our Values

Drive Value | How do you push yourself to stay on top of your game? Climb mountains. Scare myself.

Have Fun | Tell us about the most fun you've had in the past year. Shredding copious amounts of pow! Jumping off things and going upside down. Exploring Kirkwood and meeting adventurous people who love the mountains.