What Does POWDER Stand For?

POWDER | Providing Opportunities for Women through Diversity, Equality & Respect.


POWDER is an initiative designed to educate and empower women and men to shift perceptions of leadership, career pathways, and cultural norms that influence our decision- making and behaviors. Our goal is to engage women and men in dialogue, learning, and actions to shift our culture to better reflect our workforce and our business.

POWDER creates a platform of inclusion for all forms of Diversity, particularly as we work, to grow access to our sport in the spirit of Epic for Everyone.

POWDER is comprised of three pillars: Awareness and Mindset—Culture of Inclusion, Development, Growth, and Support, and Talent and Hiring. The focus for the 2019-2020 season is on the first pillar, Awareness and Mindset.

Why Do We Need POWDER At Vail Resorts?

Research shows that companies with a higher percentage of women in top management have better financial performance, as well as better talent attraction and retention. (McKinsey & Co) Additionally, research shows that companies with a combined focus on diversity and inclusion, deliver the highest levels of employee engagement. (Deloitte)

We are proud to have so many women trailblazers in operational leadership at our Company.

Is POWDER Just A Women’s Group?

These conversations are for all of us – men and women – in how we can be better leaders and colleagues by understanding and supporting one another. Leading our industry, means continuous improvement in talent development – attracting and retaining exceptional talent and fostering an inclusive culture.

How Do I Get Involved In POWDER?

There will be six POWDER events for the 2019-2020 season. These events are educational opportunities to learn about unconscious bias, engage men and women to think inclusively about leadership, and provide mentorship for everyone’s mutual benefit.